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Oxygen OS 11 OnePlus 9 Pro Port PacMan Edition Ft- Miatall Devices | Gaming Rom | 90Fps | BGMI |

OnePlus 9 Pro Port Rom OxygenOs 11 for Miatall Devices, Ft- Redmi Note 9 Pro,Redmi Note 9 Pro Max,POCO M2 Pro,Redmi Note 9s, Redmi Note 10 Lite.......


Oxygen OS 11 OnePlus 9 Pro Port PacMan Edition Ft- Miatall Devices
Oxygen OS 11 OnePlus 9 Pro Port PacMan Edition Ft- Miatall Devices

About Rom

This rom is ported from OnePlus 9 Pro (5G) that's pretty good smartphone from OnePlus but you can enjoy same experience on Your Xiaomi Miatall Devices.

It's a really very cool & awesome rom because in this rom you can enjoy all oxygen Os Experience with zero lag it's means lag free, And Gaming Performance is also much better than Xiaomi Stock Rom.

Supported Devices

Redmi Note 9 Pro
Redmi Note 9 Pro Max
Redmi Note 9s
Redmi Note 10 Lite

 Download Link



=> OOS11 OnePlus 9 Pro IND based

       Latest Update from OnePlus

=> OnePlus Brand new Vendor+System

=> Battery Reset Stats and Temperature mod added, Check Settings/battery

=> Charging Animation Now working

=> CTS/Safety Net passed Out of The box 

=> Some ringtones added

=> New Fonts added by-default

=> Loaded with Stock OOS Apps

=> Hey Google Working now

=> OnePlus Camera Fully working

=> Positron Jun Kernel By default

=> Unlimited Google Photos Backup

=> Many changes under the hood

=> Many more I forgot to write 😁

=> Decrypted By default

How to install ?

Get the rom OxygenOs of ported rom for miatall (link is giving in down below)

After that turn off your phone & press (Power + Volume Up) Go for the recovery mode [TWRPor Orangefox Recovery] 

Then do wipe advance/Wipe Dalvic/Cache/System/Data/Vendor

Don't Select internal/Micro SD Card & USB

Do swipe to wipe after that go back on the main menu and click on the install options,

Just select the rom of OxygenOs where are you located on your smartphone,,

Now just swipe to flash confirm.

It will some time so please wait till than installations.

after installations go back and click on wipe options and do format data Type Yes & Do format after formatting you can do reboot system.


Congratulations, Now your phone is convert into MIUI 12 to OxygenOs.

Setup the phone & enjoy OxygenOs.

Credits :-

All thanks to @Tito (help in vendor Porting) & @AbdOz0, (especially for Encryption Zip ), @ApexLegend201ens, @vbmeta, and @Blank_lifee for every help,

dereference for his amazing kernel,

OnePlus 4 its smooth System and vendor,

oofgang, @RedSkulxHYDRA and @FifthSnow for their amazing stuffs and add-ons,

All devs who contributed in OOS porting

All testers and You...

Video Tutorials

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