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How to Root [Magisk] [OnePlus 6/6T] Step by Step Method [TWRP]

Hey awesome people, Today I am gonna to talk about How can you root Oneplus 6/6T just in One Click but it's the step by step


OnePlus 6/6T Root Method
OnePlus 6/6T Root Method

Hey awesome people, Today I am gonna to talk about How can you root Oneplus 6/6T just in One Click but it's the step by step

method so this step will take some time but you can do it easily.

Note :- This step will be work in Android 10/11 both

Note 2 :- Oneplus Driver or fastboot driver should be installed in your pc/laptop

download and install it : Download

This method are specified into 4 Parts :-

a. How to Unlock Bootloader

b How to Install Twrp

c. Installtion Magisk (Root)

d. Root Check (The Final)

1. How to Unlock Bootloader

Firstly you have to Open Setting/about/build number

tap 7 time on the build number

after that you have to go back in setting/system/developer option

then open the devoloper option,

You have to also enable Advance reboot

then go back on the pc/laptop and extract the tool that will be given down below,

Open that tool and open the cmd through location (path).

Now go back on Phone keep hold for 3 sec power button,

advance reboot system will be apear on your phone,,

click on the bootloader option, it will take some seconds and that will go into fastboot mode.

After that connect the phone to pc/laptop through data cable

then go back on pc/laptop and type on cmd

this code :- fastboot oem unlock

hit enter, command will be run and force to unlock your bootloader,

on that time on your Onplus 6/6T will be apear a unique page,

that page is asking for unlocking bootloader Choose Unlock the bootloader using of volume button,,

press power button for confirm.

Now your phone will be unlocked for customisation

Note : during this method your important data will be totally wiped so please take back your data if that important.

2. Installtion of TWRP

Again you have to enable developer option from settings/about/build number/sysem/developer option,

enable advance reboot option (oem unlock option will be faded),,

go again in bootloader (fastboot mode) and connect with pc through data cable.

again go back on pc cmd that will be opened for unlocking bootloader unlock,

type a command for booting TWRP,

Type on cmd : fastboot boot oneplus6.img

both code are working for Oneplus 6/6T

hit enter... command will be perform and your will be boot into TWRP within 10 seconds.

Now Transfer Magisk file that I given in down below,

3. Installtion of Magisk (Root)

go to install option and choose magisk file where are you pasted it,

click on it and do swipe to install,,

It will take some seconds do reboot system.

on this time you will se new pop-up in phone slot-A and slot-B,

Choose first slot-A then go back once,

again reboot to system now choose slot-B.

Now you phone rooted in both slot A and B,

after booting your phone install magisk.apk (link given down below)

install it and open it (internet should be connected with your phone)

you will see a optin cancel or ok,

click on ok option,,

then choose direct install recommended (that will be appear on your phone after clicking ok)

now it will some sec and after some sec you will reboot option,,

do reboot.

4. Checking for Root 

Install the root checker apk that's already given down below,

open it and check root and give grant permission of magisk manager

Now you will see rooted (on your Oneplus 6/6T)

Download all need files

Download Magisk : Download 

Download Magisk apk : Download 

Download Root Checker : Download 

Download the Root Tool of Oneplus 6/6T


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